Thursday, October 08, 2009

Beat the Sun Workshop

Way back in May...

The Utah Strobist Flikr Group organized a demo session/workshop using various lighting configurations.

It was supposed to be demonstrating lighting techniques during strong sunlight conditions but some dark clouds decided to roll in and shower on us for a bit.

I am always amazed at the new things that I learn.

Sometimes it really pays off to still have 6+ year old camera.

My Nikon D70s can do things that the newer flashier cameras can not.

For instance, I can sync my flash at much high sync speeds than the other cameras.

For the beauty dish setup, everyone was setting their shutter speed to a maximum of 1/250.

But with my D70s I was able to use 1/320 and 1/500.

This allowed some greater flexibility although I am still trying to figure out how to utilize it!

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