Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day Trip to New York

We drove up to New York City for a day trip. I have been through the New York airports and several places in up-state New York, but I had never actually done the whole city thing before.

We stole commandeered the Kneeland vehicle again and drove up to the Staten Island Ferry. We rode the free ferry across to the bottom of Manhattan. The ferry passes right by the Statue of Liberty.

We walked through Battery Park, then up Broadway, past the Stock Exchange and Trinity Church.

We ate gyros and hot dogs from a food cart in Zuccotti Park.

We walked by Ground Zero and looked at some of the memorials and all the construction going on.

Next we found the metro station, then walked and walked and walked through the tunnels until we found the right platform that we wanted to be on. 

We rode the train up to Time Square then we walked and wandered a bunch more stopping in a few shops to browse (and purchase).

Eventually we walked up to Central Park where we rode one of the bike rickshaws around the park.

Next we hit FAO Schwarz, the Apple Store, and The Plaza. Then we walked down to the American Girl Place, Rockefeller Plaza, WitchCraft sandwhich shop, NBC, a Cupcake shop and back to Time Square.

We caught a taxi all the way back to the ferry. Unfortunately the where only able to catch small glimpses of the fabulous sunset as we rode in the taxi. By the time we got the ferry, the sky was getting dark.

It took us several tries to get out of St. George with the confusing one-way streets but we finally found our way to the freeway and were back at the Kneeland's around midnight.

We had a great adventure by car, ferry, foot, metro train, bicycle rickshaw, and taxi.

Of course, you can find more pictures here.

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Blogger Shaka said ... (Monday, February 28, 2011 9:03:00 PM) : 

it was a great day. I want to do it again.


Blogger Jillybobilly said ... (Monday, February 28, 2011 9:07:00 PM) : 

sorry to corey. that comment was from me not him.


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