Friday, January 27, 2006

Travel Bonus

As much as I travel, I am amazed how (for the most part) my travels are trouble free. Sure I have had delayed flights, change of airplanes due to mechanical issues, cancelled flights and several very bumpy rides. But considering all of my travels since about '95, I would have to say the postives extremely out-weigh any negatives.

Today for instance, the first leg of my flight was overbooked. They called me up to the counter and asked if I would like to give up my seat in exchange for a non-stop flight to SLC. I was already sold but they added the fact that the flight arrives 15 min earlier than my original flight. They also gave me an exit row/window seat (with the middle seat being empty), a $7 food voucher, and a $200 travel voucher. Thanks Delta!

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