Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Circus

I forgot to tell you about Maya's evening at the Circus last week.

We started the evening with a great meal at one of Maya's favorite restaurants - The Training Table.

Mmmmmmmmm! Cheese Fries!

Next we headed to the Delta Center to get our tickets and then went to see the animals. The elephants, zebra/donkeys, and goats were on display. Unfortunately the setting sun was positioned perfectly in our eyes and it was hard to see the excitement of the trainers brushing the animals.

We went inside to see the clown show before the circus started. It was pretty neat to be able to walk around and watch the performers up close.

Maya tried on one of the costumes. It looked like it was pretty heavy, but think she could make it work.

The pictures that I took inside look pretty bad. I guess I should have messed with the ISO. Maybe they would have not been so blurry. But what do I know. They only allow photography during the clown meet and greet, not during the show.

We purchased a small bag of multi-colored cotton candy that included a cheap, felt, floppy, top hat for an ever-so-reasonable price. I handed the costumed vendor a ten dollar bill fully expecting change. Silly, silly me!

Later, I had to be the mean dad when I had to say No (repeatedly) to buying the twelve dollar snow cone in the fun shaped cup! I didn't even bother to find out the price of the spinning light thing or the lighted sword. Maya said that next time she will get the snow cone first because that is what she really wanted.

The show was pretty good. They only had a single ring which made it a lot easier to see all of the action. Maya liked the dogs, cats and elephants the best. I liked the motorcycle globe of death. Seven motorcycles whizzing around in blur of terror was pretty cool.

The theme (storyline) of the circus was a family being able to live out their circus dreams.

Maya is still talking about how the little boy that got to be the King of the Circus and how wonderful that is for him.

You can find the rest of the crummy pictures here.

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