Monday, January 08, 2007

Christmas Eve

My family started a Christmas Eve tradition a few years ago. We have a great meal of soup in bread bowls then gifts are exchanged.

Since the family size is increasing we exchange names and set a low dollar amount.

It is always a fun challenge to get a great gift on a small budget.

Then my mom and dad (really just mom) distributes their gifts to everyone. Each year they give each group (grand kids, boys, girls) the same gifts.

The grandkids get PJs which they immediately change into and then run around the house. This year, Parker and Peyton got Monster Truck jammies that were a HUGE hit.

The boys got Emergency Kits for the car.

The girls got pewter nativity statues.

My mom also gives a new book to everyone and we read it together. This is always a great part of the evening.

Then the evening ended in true Festivus style with the Feats of Strength, although those who competed did not realize the holiday connection at the time.

According to the tradition, Festivus does not end until the Head of the Household is pinned in a wrestling match.

Dad was not letting this holiday celebration end easily as you can tell from the pictures!

Here are the rest of the pictures.

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