Monday, February 19, 2007


Last week's storm shut down this city. I have been to work each day without any issues. Other than the morning after the storm, the roads have been very passable and often times completely dry.

Jill even drove down from Baltimore in order to celebrate Valentine's Day together. (Which, since you asked, I made her a wonderful crab stuffed salmon with roasted veggies and baby arugula salad with feta. And for desert, mixed berries over lady fingers layered with whipped cream)

For some reason all of the northern Virginia school districts were closed. I understand Wednesday. Thursday was a stretch, but OK, they can use another Snow Day. But Friday? Come on... What do all those parents do? Most of them still have to work. So they are forced to take valuable leave time because the infrastructure of this big metropolis sucks.

Welcome to DC.

The main issue was that the temperature was below freezing for several days so the 'snow' and ice was completely solid. Any streets or sidewalks that were not cleared right after the storm became as hard as concrete. Normal plows and snow shovels were not able to deal with it. By Saturday I still had a 2 1/2 thick slab of ice on top of my car that was threatening to destroy my roof rack as it slide back and forth violently (at least it sounded really violent from inside the car).

For some reason I took very few pictures of the snow/ice. And they are almost half-way interesting. On our way back from Frederick, MD on Saturday I should have stopped and taken a picture of the rolling farm land that was perfectly glazed like a wedding cake.

But I didn't!

I guess I can't call myself a photographer yet!

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