Friday, November 09, 2007

Trunk or Treat

I realized that I had not posted about Trunk or Treat yet, so here it goes...

Unfortunately the pictures are not that great.

I'll make up for the poor quality soon.

Anyway, Trunk or Treat was fun.

It was a ward activity starting with chili and hotdogs.

Then the youth setup several games for the smaller kids to play.

Then we all headed outside where people had decorated their cars in spooky decor.

My Subaru was converted into a spider's lair with the treat bowl inside.

Several of the kids did not want to reach past the big spider.

I don't think the scary music helped the little kids either!

Jill and I were impressed by the amount of participation from everyone.

We were in competition with our neighbors. Not literally but at least 4 other cars had scary music playing.

Our neighbor was getting a lot of attention with their presentation of "A Nightmare Before Christmas".

I think the kids had a lot fun.

Oh, and we had a lot fun too.

I love Halloween!

You can find more Trunk or Treat pictures here.

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