Saturday, November 14, 2009


OK, I have finally had a chance to go through the Halloween pictures and it has only been a couple of weeks!

The other 10 posts I have not completed yet will have to wait...again!

The family had a great costume party hosted by Curtis and Brittany.

We had great Halloween inspired food and everyone had great costumes.

Unfortunately it took me a few tries to get my costume accessories to work properly so they were not done for the family party.

That made me the only party pooper without a costume which is just not like me!

Jill and Noah were on the plane coming home from Philly during the party.

(Jill is still working on the Philly trip post....right Jill?)

You can find more Family Halloween Party pics here.

This year we went as the Oz Gang for the ward Autumn Fest (they avoided calling it a Halloween party).

We were a hit, but we didn't win any prizes.

At least we don't think we won.

They were very disorganized and their judging system did not work too well since there was a lot of confusion about who the prize winners really were.

There were about 30-40 different types of soup and chili for dinner and we found some really tasty ones.

Halloween night we ventured to Maya's Grandma's place.

Maya likes to Trick-or-Treat in that neighbourhood.

Although in years past, it has typically been a struggle to get her to go to the three houses that she knows.

This year we actually did about 3 blocks!

We were the best Trick-or-Treaters in the neighbourhood that night.

None of the other parents were dressed up let alone all in a matching theme.

Halloween is always a fun holiday.

Maya and Noah did pretty well with their loot of sugar.

Maybe next year we will actually be organized enough to decorate and have the party at our house.

You can find more Halloween pictures here.

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