Wednesday, February 08, 2006

55 Gallon Aquarium Project

I have been contemplating how best to move my three small aquariums from Virginia to Utah. Not that there is any new hope of finding a job and moving soon, but I thought I should be proactive about this. And maybe this will align the chi...

So my solution is to setup a new tank in Utah at my parents place (thanks Mom and Dad). Then I can slowly move the corals and such on my monthly trips. This last week the project was officially begun. The 55 Gallon aquarium was purchased, the sump and refugium was designed (thanks Matt), the lighting and a large portion of other necessities were ordered. Unfortunately, the supplier messed up and it is being shipped to Virginia! The sweet no shipping charges deal just went out the window!

Stay tuned for future developments. This will be a pretty slow paced project since I'm 2000 miles away!

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