Friday, March 10, 2006

Hmmmm...This could be fun!

I have not done any video recording for a few years now, but this little beauty could change all of that. I have always leaned toward trying to record our adventures (they are just a lot more interesting to me). But hauling a 'big' camcorder on the slopes, trails or crags was a pain. Not to mention worrying about damaging the darn thing. This one is extremely small and the lens detaches!

Can you say Helmet Cam?!!

Samsung Announces VP-X210L Camcorder, Hardened for Outdoorsy Types


Samsung has introduced the VP-X210L, a rugged camcorder that’s also a music player and still camera. Its most unusual feature is a detachable lens that can be mounted on handlebars, your helmet, or anywhere else as long as it’s not farther than 9 feet away from the camcorder body.

The VP-X210L has a gigabyte of built-in memory and also an SD memory slot for more storage. The camcorder has a 10x optical zoom and doubles as a two-megapixel still camera. Its longer-life battery will make it a worthy companion on the road or trail. No pricing or availability info was forthcoming yet.

Samsung VP-X210L Camcorder [MobileWhack]

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