Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Brittany's Swim Meets

I forgot to post about Brittany's swim meets.

While I was in Utah, a couple of weeks ago, she had two events.

One at BYU against Wyoming and one at the UofU against Utah.

It was a real challenge to try to get decent pictures with the lighting in the pools.

Plus I was sitting up in the bleachers using a zoom lens.

For the Utah event, several of us rode TRAX from Sandy up to the U.

Maya and Isabelle really enjoyed that.

We had a pretty large cheer section for Brittany as most of the family was able to be there.

Brittany did really well, winning her individual events and making up some huge ground in the relays.

Check out the write-up on the BYU site.

Brittany is the featured picture for the article!

"BYU started out winning the 200-medley relay with swims from Brittany Davis-Burk, Jamie Bloom, Angela Goodson and Leilani Roberts (1:45.52). Davis-Burk then collected the next two Cougar first places by sweeping both the 100 (57.35) and 200 (2:03.64) backstroke events."

Here is a report from www.cstv.com

There was a tie for first in the Individual Medley! I don't know how often that occurs but I thought it was pretty amazing. That may have been the difference between first and second place for the meet since they had to split the points for first in the event. This was the only loss of the season for the women.

Great job Brittany!

You can find a whole bunch of pictures of the Wyoming meet and Utah meet.

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