Thursday, September 13, 2007


So I guess I had this false impression that when we decided to enroll Maya in a public school instead of a private school that we would actually be saving money. And maybe it is still true, but it just feels like 'they' get the money out of you one or the other.

Maya has not been in school yet for a full month and already she has been enlisted to extract the hard earned funds from her loved ones - TWICE! And I have no false sense of security that this will be the last campaign of her youth - or even this year.

First is the Happenings Entertainment Book. This has been a mainstay of the Utah school fund raising campaigns for decades. I remember trying to sell this book of coupons when I was a kid. And I remember many books going mostly unused as the expiration dates went by. Sign me up!

And the second is Innisbrook which is a large selection of wrapping paper, accessories, chocolate, and even magazine subscriptions along with other assorted crap. This campaign seems to be gaining favor as my young nieces and nephews have tried to peddle their wares the past few years. Do I really need expensive 'Masculine Gift Wrap'!?

Of course I will be buying in order to bring a smile to Maya's face. Or maybe it is to avoid the scowl of disappointment.

If you wish to support her and her fine school by purchasing a Happenings coupon book just send her an email at mayabug01 at gmail dot com

If you would like wrapping paper click on the link above and she will get credit or be sure to enter the below info.

Seller: MAYA Seller ID# R46987C
School Number: 104327

Let the exploitation begin!

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