Friday, August 17, 2007

August Utah Trip

It had been over a month since my last visit to Utah. The trip was a bit strange in that I went from Tuesday to Tuesday and then came back on a red-eye. It took quite a while to find this flight. I just was not willing to pay more than $500 for a ticket. With the unconventional itinerary I only had to pay $498!!! What a racket!

The Sunday before my trip, Maya had to visit doctor where they found out she had contracted an infection in her lungs which progressed into pneunomia. Since Emily had already used up all of her time off for past illnesses (hers and Maya's), I solicited my family for help. My dad was able to stay home from work on Monday and Tuesday to watch Maya by using his sick days. Since Maya lives in his house for one week a month, he is fully entitled to use his sick days to watch Maya. Which he was quite excited about.

Maya and I enjoyed a week at home. While I worked, Maya enjoyed coloring, puzzles, games and ,of course, a bunch of movies.

One of Maya's highlights of the week was when Isabelle and Gracie came over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the evening. Luckily Maya was feeling much better and they spent the evening 'helping' Grandpa water the garden. They ran up and down the irrigation ditch over and over. Boy did that bring back some childhood memories.

Here are some more pictures of them playing in the water.

Saturday found us as the Hogle Zoo again. It has actually been several months since we had been there. I know some of find that hard to believe. Sharlie met up with us with little Jake and her niece. We enjoyed the Bird Show which had a few new changes. Like the "newly engaged" girl, who is afraid of birds, but 'wins' the doves being brought to her wedding and picture with the doves as they fly by her,then her getting scared and falling into the pool of water. (What do you think of that grammar!) They played it up pretty well and made it quite convincing.

Here are the rest of the zoo pictures.

Monday, Maya's new before and after school program (The Winner School) was going on a field the zoo! Tuesday, Maya really did not want to go to school and therefore we were having a really rough morning. We were finally able to get past that. Emily even ended up stopping by before work to encourage Maya to go to school.

After school, Maya and I went to Cottonwood Heights to go swimming. Maya had a great time for a couple of hours.

I was quite sad that my visit was over so quickly. I really wish I could find a job in SLC. I am missing too much of her life.

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