Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Showered with Love

Noah is 5 weeks today. I can't believe how the time is flying by. Everyone says he is starting to fill out and get some chub in his cheeks. I also think he looks bigger and was sad when I put on his outfit he came home from the hospital in and it was too small. The funny thing is after weighing him on my friends scale he is only 8 lbs. What a chub. :-)

So at 5 weeks old, 4 baby showers, presents from loved ones far away and a trip to Babies R Us, I think we have the baby necessities we need. Thank you everyone for all your love, support and fabulous gifts.

Shower #1 was a fun surprise shower hosted by my sisters and mom in Texas over Christmas. It was so much fun and a complete surprise. It was intimate with my sisters, mom, my best friend Carlyna, Carlyna's adorable baby Paige, and Robyn's best friend Lee. We had the shower in a nice restaurant for lunch. There were presents, and favors and even a cake. I cant believe they pulled it off without me knowing. Okay really its not hard to surprise me. This shower was special because it was a shower for both me and my sister Robyn who is having her first baby is April. We cant wait to see her baby and are anxious to know if it is a boy or girl.

Shower #2 was a nice shower with friends from church. I was touched that a friend at church wanted to host a shower for me and it was a lot of fun. This shower was special because it was planned for Jan. 31st, several weeks before my due date; but as we know Noah decided to come early. Everyone thought we were going to postpone the shower but I didn't want to complicate things and thought "i can just sit on the couch and chat with everyone." Corey put together a slide show of Noah on the computer which I brought so everyone could see pictures of cute Noah. Everyone appreciated that and luckily understood why he stayed home. I had a good laugh when a friend came who had not heard the news of Noah's arrival and was shocked when I told her he was here. This shower taught me that I love white chocolate popcorn. I need to obtain that recipe. yum yum.

Shower #3 was a fantastic shower hosted by the young ladies I serve at church. I work with girls ages 8 through 11 in a program called Achievement Days. They worked together to plan and organized the whole shower. We played games, had decorations, they made the refreshments and they gave me adorable baby gifts. Corey brought Noah for a special guest appearance and the girls loved seeing him. They all screamed when they saw Corey coming to the door. You would have thought he was the Jonas Brothers or something. They are the sweetest girls and I have so much fun being with them each week.

Shower #4 was a shower hosted by my mother and sisters in law. We had it at my sister in law Kendra's home and it was so much fun to gather with friends and family. My aunt Judy came from Manti along with my aunt Faith from Cedar City (both in southern utah a few hours away). I was able to see my friend Ashli who lives in Springville (an hour away) and she brought her two adorable girls. I hadnt had the chance to see Ashli for a almost a year. We need to work on that. I was touched with how many people I love were able to come over and celebrate Noah. We had pl;anned for the shower to be at the beginning of February but decided to push it back to the end of the month so Noah could join the party. He was a hit and everyone loved being able to see, hold and love him.

I had 4 fantastic showers where I loved being with so many people I care about. Thank you again to everyone for expressing your love for Corey and I and your excitement for Noah to be here. He is perfect and we are so excited he is here.

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Blogger Brittany said ... (Wednesday, March 11, 2009 5:46:00 AM) : 

I wished I lived closer, so I could have come. You are very loved


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