Monday, November 16, 2009

The Circus

Yay for the Circus!

It was quite a circus just getting to the circus.

One by one, the original people going to the circus were not able to make it.

I ended up calling around at the last minute (in the car, on our way...) to find available circus go-ers.

Jill had to work late and was going to meet us at the arena which meant I had to fit everyone into the Acura.

Maya, Noah, Isabelle and Parker were lucky ones.

The security staff did not want to let me into the arena with my camera.

Some how I smooth talked my way in.

Although it was pretty tough getting any usable pictures with my old camera.

New point-and-shoot cameras are much better than my old trusty D70s.

We had a great time watching all of the amazing acts.

Jill spoiled them with a $12 bag of popcorn to share!

OK, I don't know what the actual cost of the popcorn was propably $15!

Here are some more pictures.

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