Friday, November 27, 2009

LensBaby Photo Walk

The PhotoWalkingUtah group had another photo walk this last month.

This one specifically focused on LensBaby lenses.

LensBaby lenses are speciality/novelty lenses in that they are a fixed focal length and fixed aperture.

The body of the lens is movable so you can change the focus point in the picture.

It creates some interesting effect with the out-of-focus areas.

Pictureline and Lensbaby provided lots of demo lenses so that everyone (about 60 people) could try out the unique lenses.

I tried a LensBaby Composer and had a lot fun trying to be creative.

Most of the pictures are of classic cars from a private collection located on the same block as PictureLine. Check out the Classic Car Museum website for more info, like the purchase price of some of these cars.

There are more pictures on SmugMug and a few that I submitted to the group on Flikr.

You can find other peoples' LensBaby Photo Walk pictures on Flikr.

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