Monday, April 26, 2010

Bell Canyon Hikes

My goal this past spring was to get more active and get back in shape.

My plan was to hike once or twice a week up the Bell Canyon trail which is close to our house.

I would take Noah up with me in the backpack and enjoy an hour or two of sweating.

It was fun to see the changes on the trail as winter slowly released its grip on the mountain and spring finally started to show its colors.

I am not a gym rat by any stretch of the imagination. I much prefer being out in nature to get my exercise.

I also push myself so much more if I have great scenery to spur me on.

Jill joins us when she can which is always a treat.

Sadly I am still very far from where I need to be...but at least I am making progress and spending time with Noah.

More pictures from the hikes can be found here.

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