Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Kneelands Come to SLC

Chris, Holly and the boys came to visit the week after Christmas.
(I know that was several months ago! Deal with it!)

A big Thank You to Holly's parents for moving back to Utah that gives the Kneeland Klan an excuse to come visit. It was a short but very fun and rewarding time. It always makes me wish we lived closer. Chris hasn't changed as he spent the day skiing and then when he met up with us told us story after story of his adventures; broken ribs, walking miles in the snow, losing and finding his cell phone and hanging out with celebrities all included. Holly is the same adorable socialite as she left us to go spend the evening with her girlfriends. The boys are growing up way to fast and have more energy than one can even imagine.

Maya had fun giving them a tour of our new home. The tour included showing off the fun laundry shoot. Which was then turned into a human slide as Jake decided to slide down head first! Luckily he was OK.

Aunt Judy and her exchange student (I am so sorry to admit I cant remember her name) joined us for the evening which just added to the joy. We piled into the cars and went out to eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Cousin Rick and his cute family (wife Lisa and kids Rian, Carter and Berlin) joined us. We had a great time at dinner catching up and eating good food.

After dinner we walked over to see the temple lights. As it was Jan. 2 we wondered if they would still be on, so we looked online and were excited to see that it would be the last night. We were highly disappointed to find no lights were on once we walked over there. The boys had never seen the temple so we still took the time to walk around.

We then headed home and enjoyed talking and playing. The kids took over the downstairs and all slept together on the couches and on a big air mattress. Chris and Holly were the second guests to ever enjoy our guest room, Judy slept in Maya's room and her exchange student slept on the futon in our storage room. Needless to say the house was bursting at the seems and I loved it. I love having our home and this is one of the reasons. I love having it filled with the people I love most.

The next morning we made a delicious big breakfast and continued to play. I had to say goodbye early as I needed to work. Maya loved being with her cousins and I loved seeing them play together.

We miss you guys and loved spending some time together. We cant wait for you to come back.

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