Thursday, April 01, 2010

Anniversary Get Away

Jill planned a great get away for our third anniversary. A quiet weekend alone. No baby to wake us up in the middle of night. We can sleep in as long we wanted. She made all the arrangements to make it so.

But alas, Noah had did not cooperate as fully as we had planned. Through the week, he was just not feeling well with a cough, fevers, and the occasional regurgitation.

We finally decided to go ahead and take him with us instead of inflicting his ailments on the three households that were lined up to watch him. We packed up the Liberty with our overnight bags, winter gear, and snowshoes.

Yep! There is no snow in sight, but when Jill called to confirm our reservation, she asked if we should plan on hiking or snowshoeing. To our delight, they are still covered in snow.

Friday afternoon, we headed North on our adventure. Only 10 minutes into our trip, just as we are getting up to cruising speed on the highway, Noah reminds us that he is still not feeling 100%.

We pulled off the highway, cleaned up as best we could, assessed the level of damage, and decided to continue North. Gratefully that was the last time Noah got sick on the trip and he continued to get progressively better.

We arrived at our destination late in the afternoon, after a quick refueling at the Sonic, mmmm!. We checked in at Sherwood Hills in Sardine Canyon then promptly found a path to a winter wonderland.

The snow was falling as we put on our winter gear, loaded Noah into the backpack, strapped on our snowshoes and ventured into the woods.

The snow was still several feet deep all around the resort. It was firm and frozen with several inches of fluffy powder on top. Perfect for snowshoeing, not too much energy expended but everything had a fresh, pure covering of white bliss.

Just a short distance away, there was very little evidence that snow had been present any time recently. It was as though the snow was there just for the guests at Sherwood Hills.

We wandered through the woods until we found a pathway. We headed for the only GeoCache that was on the property and found it without too much trouble although only the very top of the clever cache could been seen as the rest was buried under the snow.

That night we enjoyed a great dinner all by our selves in the nice restaurant. Toward the end of our meal another couple joined us, doubling the dinner quests for the evening. Quiet and relaxing indeed.

The next morning we ventured out again on our snowshoes. This time making a loop across a portion of the golf course.

Logan was next our itinerary. Lunch, ice cream from the USU Creamery, and visiting the ducks and geese at the reservoir.

It was a great weekend. Thanks Jill for all you do. I look forward to many more anniversaries.

You can find more pictures here.

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