Monday, October 04, 2010

Philly and Baltimore Trip #2

Corey and I were invited to attend our dear friends Shelley and Jason's wedding October 1st. We were so excited for their wedding and for a weekend alone together. We worked it out that we would fly into Philadelphia where my parents met us. We worked out a great deal (for us at least), we would borrow their car and drive to Baltimore and they get to babysit Noah for the weekend.
We were worried with how Noah would handle the weekend away and the flight as he was pretty sick just a few days before the trip. Noah always does a great job of keeping us on our toes. Thankfully, he started feeling better and he did great on the flight. I was impressed he even slept for an hour on the plane. Grandma and Grandpa reported that Noah did great. He felt good, slept all through the night and ate his food.
Once we handed Noah off and stole the car, we drove down to Baltimore for the rehearsal dinner. Jason's mom hosted a delicious dinner and we all had fun telling stories about Jason and Shelley. I only cried a little. Corey and I enjoyed being alone as we realized it was the first time we were both away from Noah for the whole night. I woke up early and met up with a few friends for breakfast. It was great reconnecting and getting to meet Liz's baby girl Thalia. She is adorable.

Corey and I then met up with one of Corey's work friends for lunch.
That evening we enjoyed Shelley and Jason's beautiful wedding. They had it right on the water in Baltimore. She is one lucky girl as the rain stopped just that morning. The sky was beautiful and the humidity low due to the storm. It was so fun to see them happy and in love and spending time with family and friends. Shelley has sure been a good friend to me.

The next day, I enjoyed sleeping in and relaxing. We drove home to Grandma and Grandpa's and stopped by our friends Mike and Brittany's home for a visit. I wished we had Noah to play with Camden and Dallin. They are sure cute boys. We were able to stay a couple days with Grandma and Grandpa.

We took Noah to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia and he enjoyed every moment. I was not surprised that his favorite part was a big tub of colored balls.

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