Monday, March 27, 2006

Beach Trip! - And we're going to a Restaurant Too!

The plans have been made, invitations sent, plane tickets pruchased, the Mormon Invasion of Duck Beach is now in motion.

Apparently, for several years (I don't really know how long), there has been an annual migration from the DC area to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for Memorial weekend. Multiple houses are rented and filled with people from all over (not just the DC area).

This year, Tara and I decided to head up our own house. The main reason for me is Maya is coming to visit for a week and half. YAY! This way I don't have feel funny about having Maya stay in the house and we can stay there all week! Lounging on the beach in style for a week!

When I told Maya that we were going to stay in a house right by the beach she said, "That sounds like fun, can we go to a restaraunt too?!" I said, "Sure, we can probably go to more than one while we're there." Then I heard to turn to Emily a tell her in a very excited voice, "We are going to the beach And a Restaurant!" So, cute.

So far, after one week, we have 10 gals and 5 guys. The remaining spots have been reserved for guys by request of the gals! We have 2 people flying in from Portland and one from Salt Lake. This is going to be a great group of peeps who are all very cool and laid back.

Everyday I get a little more excited!

Hence the new countdown clock in the sidebar.

Is it me, or is that thing moving really slow?

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