Sunday, March 19, 2006

Itching for Spring

Winter is great, as long as there is snow to play in. Now that Mother Nature can't make up her mind whether to be warm or cold it just becomes very frustrating. And everyone seems to be getting sick too. I really don't like the tease of 70 to 80 degree spring weather followed by a smack in the face of sub-teens. Overall, this weekend was quite pleasant, a bit cool, but sunny and nice.

Friday started my weekend in grand fashion: Papa John's pizza and two Cary Grant movies (by myself).

Saturday I went to Conway Robinson State Forest for the first of this year's trail maintenance days. We rerouted about 300 meters of trail to avoid some sections that did not drain well. We also closed the old trail and made it look as if it had never existed.

I got to the park early so I went for a quick bike ride around the perimeter trail. I quickly noticed that something did not feel quite right with the new bike. I kept hitting my pedals on rocks and the seat seemed too low. It took me a minute to figure out that rear shock was stuck in the down position and no longer working. Unfortunately this brand of shock is known for this very issue and I had just read about it last week. After the work day, several of the guys helped me try to fix the problem by releasing all the air and pumping it back up. But, no such luck. It is going to the shop after only 3 rides!

Next, it was time for some more trails. This time hiking with Bronwyn and Jamie on the Maryland side of Great Falls (Billy Goat Trail, Section A). I had forgotten how much rock scrambling there is on this section of the trail. It was great. I was really hoping to see some spring flowers, but only found one and most everything is still brown. Another week of two and everything will suddenly be green.

My Saturday ended with a bowling extravaganza (about 25 people) and a late dinner with Karl and Tara at Silver Diner. Lots of crazy, fun people and I actually bowled fairly well. I bowled both games using only my ever-so-professional english curve technique. I got several strikes a few spares and Lots of gutter-balls (just for you Rachael). And of course, Tara kicked my trash. In fact, she kicked everyone's trash. She had the high score of the evening by a long shot.

It was a great, well rounded day.

Volunteering, hiking, bowling, friends and food.

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Blogger Rae said ... (Monday, March 20, 2006 6:55:00 AM) : 

Since the score of both my games together did not equal your one game...I will graciously accept every gutterball. ;)


Blogger Shaka said ... (Monday, March 20, 2006 11:47:00 AM) : 

Hi Rae! You're welcome. Anything for you! :)


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