Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tank Crash

There were a few casualities from this last weekend's tank move. On Monday morning we noticed that the snails were all at the top of the tank and the two fish were swimming at the top and breathing really fast. I checked the temperature and salinity and they seemed fine. We just thought maybe they were stressed from being moved. I also did a water change the night before and maybe that was contributing to the stress since it has been a couple of months since the last change. I didn't test any of the other parameters and figured I would just wait and see.

The first victim was the blue damsel which the crabs and bristle worms quickly took care of. On Tuesday morning I noticed that the bristle star and the 3 stripe damsel were not looking well. After work I found that the fish, starfish, most of the crabs and snails and a lot of bristle worms were now decomposing with little to no cleaner crew left in the tank. I netted the fish and starfish out of the tank then starting re-checking all of the parameters.

The temperature was showing over 90 degrees!

This poor tank got cooked...again!

I adjusted the heater controls then did another water change in hopes that it would help cool down the water. It looks like some of the coral will pull through, but my nice blue ricordia and some of the star polyps are not looking good at all. The orange plate coral is looking questionable. Hopefully there are still some crabs and snails alive in there too.

Frustrating...I should have seen the temperature rising sooner.
Hopefully that is all that was wrong.

But my room is looking much better now!

Next projects include computer and stereo wire management and re-arranging the closet . Then I'll tackle the bikes.

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Blogger Tara said ... (Thursday, September 07, 2006 8:36:00 AM) : 

wait--you are an animal killer, and you're bragging about how much better your room looks? shame on you


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