Sunday, March 11, 2007

Figuring Out Frederick

Saturday we took two more car loads of stuff from my place up to the apartment. We unpacked and organized for a while then decided to get out and enjoy the great weather.

We found a Golf Disc course in a neighboring town (Middletown). We took the long way to get there on accident. I didn't notice it was off of Alt 40 instead of just 40. We enjoyed the country side and finally made our way to the park via the back roads.

The disc golf course was very interesting. It was laid out on open fields with a lot of walking between holes. They had amateur and pro tees which really only meant that the pro tee was an additional 20' -30' longer.

One great thing about the course was that it was really hard to loose your disc (since there are no trees!). But it also really exposed your skill level (or lack there of). The wind was also not our friend.

We only played 10 holes then took a few pictures of a woodpecker.

We stopped by the mall that is right by our apartment. It was really quite an interesting experience. The mall is anchored with a Boscov's (which I think is a lot like a JCPenny) and a Home Depot! That's right, Home Depot.

Inside the mall got even better. There are lots of empty stores, a couple of empty restaurants and another department store. We counted 3 arcades and 8 discount stores which were 8 different variations of dollar stores. There was a $4.99 store, a $1.99 store, a $.99 turned upside-down store, and even a 'as Seen on TV' store!

The only standard mall stores consisted of a Radio Shack, Bath and Body Works, and a movie theater.

Sunday: Church at the new ward. The people were really nice. The ward seems to be fairly old and fairly small with only a couple of young families. Jill had several comments from people expressing how glad they are that we are moving into the ward.

If you have not noticed from the counter, there is less than two weeks left!

You can find more Golf Disc pictures here and more woodpecker pictures here.

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