Friday, June 08, 2007

Congrats Carlyna and Logan!

Carlyna and Logan selected Memorial Day Weekend to get married so Jill and I devised a plan to make it a long weekend.

I needed to go to the Ft Worth NLECC again so I scheduled it for the week before the wedding.

Then Jill would fly down on Friday for a weekend of fun with the family and the wedding.

I ended up having to put in 12 and 13 hour days all week as I worked on lots of SQL statements and stared at Excel spreadsheets as a created bunch of quarterly reports for the last 4 years! Needless to say, I was worn out by the end of the week.

On Friday night Jill flew into DFW to join me and we spent the evening at Robyn and Landon's place in Plano. A late dinner of Sonic was yummy.

On Saturday we did some projects with the Amberg's (tree trimming, garage cleanup, making prepared meals, etc), had some great pizza for lunch then went to the Dallas Temple for Carlyna and Logan's wedding.

On the way, we realized that Jill did not have her recommend. Since we have recently moved it made it a bit more complicated. We do not know our new Stake President so she gave them her old one and our new Bishop. I'm not sure who the temple staff finally contacted but luckily we made it in just in time.

The ceremony was very nice and the sealer had a great sense of humor. We (I) took a bunch of pictures of Carlyna and Logan on the grounds of the Temple. They looked happy and were really enjoying the moment.

We headed to Chris and Holly's place (where we crashed for the rest of the weekend) to fill our time before the reception. We had fun with the boys and tried to stay clean.

The reception was quite large for a sit down reception. They spoke a few words, Logan surprised Carlyna with a piano solo and we enjoyed some very yummy Mexican food.

They looked very happy.

You can find more pictures of Carlyna and Logan here.

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