Friday, November 23, 2007

Autumn in Frederick

Here are a few more pictures of this years fall leaves.

While Jill was off with her friends, I drove around the Frederick Watershed taking pictures.

The Watershed is a pretty popular place to go mountain biking.

It is known for its very technical rocky trails.

A lot of people do shuttle runs, which is bombing the downhills then loading all the people and bikes in vehicles to driving back to the top to do it again.

I need to get back on my bikes.

They have been neglected and it shows (around my waist)!

Jill and I went for a hike around Greenbrier State Park.

I was not impressed to see how much trash has been dumped there over the years.

It is no fun to be walking along a great trail covered with a canopy of colors and find someones complete disregard for the park.

But at the same time, I thought all the dumped trash made for interesting subjects for some photographs.

I prefer to think that I am trying to find the good part of a bad situation.

Not just glossy over the problem.

Anyway, I love being in the outdoors enjoying nature.

And I especially love this time of year with the kaleidescope of colors.

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Blogger cami said ... (Thursday, November 29, 2007 11:46:00 AM) : 

That is so sad when people leave their trash everywhere. I love all the red leaves. This is such a pretty time of year.


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