Friday, August 22, 2008

New Babies

Baby Lexi (Burk)

Curtis and Brittany are now proud parents of their first child. Little Alexia (Lexi) was born on August 9, 2008 which is also her uncle Justin's birthday.

As with Justin, who refused to be born on 8/8/88, Lexi missed the date of 8/8/08. But apparently 9 is really her number, not 8.

Born on the 9th at 9:11PM, 7 lbs 9oz, 19 inches long, in room 9.

Saturday Brittany was timing her contractions and was waiting until they were just right - according to 'the book'. This being her first, and regardless of how many people told her that every pregnancy is different, she was wanting everything to be just as 'the book' described. After a page full of recorded contractions, they were within her (or 'the book's') acceptable parameters and they were off to the hospital.

Jill and I, along with Chris and Mindy, went out to the Cheesecake Factory to use up our Christmas gift cards then we stopped by the hospital to see how things were progressing. While we were there, we were all watching the monitor as Brittany was having each contraction. They were getting stronger and much more painful. Mindy (our RN in the family) noticed that Brittany's shoulder was completely soaked and quickly realized that it was her epidural medicine leaking out! Jill and I left while they were summoning nurses and doctors to remedy the pain issue. Within about an hour she arrived and everyone is doing great. On Sunday, Jill and I went to visit them at the hospital before I had to hop on a plane for training in Seattle.

Here are more pictures of Lexi.

Baby Jarron (Jensen)

Matt and Tina welcomed little Jarron into the world on Thursday, July 10th. We wanted to help them out be bringing over a dinner but also wanted to spend a little bit of time with them. We wanted to do something different since we knew that would have to put-up-with casseroles from other people. So we decided to bring and cook them a full bar-b-que meal. We took over a variety of grillin' meat like teriyaki marinated chicken breasts, thick pork chops, and seasoned steaks from Snider Brothers Meat. Jill made some jello (when in Rome...I mean Utah!) and I made some yummy potato salad. Rolls, chips, guacamole and soda rounded out the feast.

Several days later I went back and shot a few family portraits. Unfortunately they didn't turn-out that great as the young ones were wrestled into position. As you can see, Jaden is exhibiting a heavy dose of his father's genes! One of the main reasons for the photo shoot was so that Matt could send an updated picture of his family to the 20 Year Cottonwood High School Reunion Commitee. You already saw that blog.

Here are more pictures of the Jensen's.

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How funny, I came over here and have the exact same post title as you. The babies sure are cute.


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