Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Never-Ever Fail Fudge

I found some great recipes to try on One of them was titled "My Never-Ever Fail Fudge". Jill tried her hand at making a lovely batch of fudge but as we observed the very soft oozing nature of the batch we discovered that a step had been completely skipped. It was the apparently important step of "boil for EXACTLY 6 minutes". Oops!

We made milkshakes that night, topped with fudge goop! Unfortunately it is still grainy since the sugar was never melted. The fudge glop was lovingly bottled up for future use as a sugary topping.

A night or two later, the fudge hankering was still unsatisfied. This time the cooking step was not forgotten. Jill enlisted me to try to salvage the melted mass that would not boil. As we waited for the goop to heat up slowly it turned into a nice toasted marshmallow color. There is a delicately thin line between 'enough medium heat to boil the goop' and 'too much heat, your scorching the sugar!'. This batch ended up very hard and still grainy completely unappetizing.

So yes, we failed TWICE on the Never-Ever Fail Fudge recipe.

Emily wrote down her favorite fudge recipe (from memory) but we were not brave enough to try a third batch. Instead we just enjoyed the pieces she gave to us.

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