Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maya and Noah's Birthdays

Maya had a fun sleep-over party with a few of her friends at our house.

Emily made a cool snowman birthday cake.

The girls made their own individual pizzas

They painted picture frames.

And they built a fort in the basement to sleep in

We had a very small, low-key celebration for Noah's second birthday.

Fun times.
Happy Birthday Maya and Noah
We love you!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Amanda's Regional Swim Meet

My niece Amanda asked me a few times if I would be willing to come to photograph her swimming events.

I was only able to attend one but it happened to be the Regional swim meet.

I was able to walk around on the pool deck which was great.

I took a lot of pictures of her Skyline High School team mates too.

Amanda went on to do great in the State swim meet also.

Great Job Amanda!

You can find more pictures here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Vapor Rub Incident

Posts with the word "Incident" in the title have come to be an indicator that a story about a trip to the hospital is about to be told.

Fortunately, this time we did not leave the house with this "incident" but I still liked the word in the title, so I kept it...

This "incident" involves an adventurous and curious little boy who slipped the watchful eye of his adult supervision for just a few minutes.

Oh what fun can be created with just a small amount of freedom and an open jar of vapor rub.

The extent of the creative application was so amazing that I just had to hold my comments to myself and find my camera.

I'm not sure why the train toy got the brunt of his love but I'm glad it did. Other objects would not have weathered the love as well.

You can more pictures here.