Friday, February 22, 2008

Baltimore Aquarium

The night before our moving day, we were able to spend time with friends in Baltimore.

I (Jill!) was excited to spend some last final moments in my charming city of Baltimore.

Corey and I briefly (due to the cold) walked down the pier in Fells Point.

Fells Point is a special spot for us as it was the meeting point for our first date and where Corey later proposed to me.

Both of those events also included ice cream but we passed on that this day due to the cold.

After our walk down memory lane we met up with friends and visited the Baltimore Aquarium.

This was actually my first visit to the aquarium at length. I seem to recall running through in about 10 minutes during my first year in Baltimore.

After the aquarium we all (Shelley, Katie, Sam, Liz and us) walked over to Panara Bread for dinner. It was the perfect night for some warm soup and sandwiches. Followed up with cookies and hot chocolate. It was a great time to talk and enjoy just being together.

I was so touched that they wanted to spend some time together before our move. We are truly blessed with wonderful people in our life. And Baltimore will always hold a special place in my heart.

Things which happened in Baltimore:
1. First blessing was moving in across the street from the Mormon missionaries. Who helped me move in when they saw my truck.
2. Completed grad school
3. Met a naked albino bald guy while door knocking in East Baltimore.
4. Learned the importance of paying parking tickets on time.
5. Learned to budget around a monthly $300 car insurance payment.
6. Lived on my own in the cutest studio apartment with the world's best deck.
7. Learned to make wide left hand turns to avoid the curb.
8. Experienced our house being robbed while living with Shelley. Blessed we were not home.
9. Loved living near the water, 1st time going sailing, napping in the park, Fourth of July fireworks, Lighting of the Washington Monument in Baltimore (the original Washington monument), baseball games on summer nights, attended my first pro football game.
10. Donated many, many, many hubcaps to the streets of Baltimore
11. Fabulous 30th surprise birthday party.
12. Falling in Love with Corey

Baltimore has treated me well.

Here are more Fells Point pictures and Baltimore Aquarium pictures.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Richmond, One more Time

We headed down to visit Matt and Cami one last time (on MLK Day weekend) before we abandoned them on the East Coast.

We had a great relaxing couple of days filled with great food, fun games, and Guitar Hero.

I have never really had any interest at all in console games, but they got us hooked on this one. Matt and Cami were both really good but Jill and I held our own - for beginners. Of course we were on the easy level.

We played several games of Hand and Foot which the boys won first them Jill and I won the second round. Obviously, I was the key to winning!

Cami made some awesome Barbocoa burritos that just like the burritos from Cafe Rio in Salt Lake. She even made the house dressing that I love. And the best part is that she gave us the recipes.

We will miss you guys. Sorry we are leaving you alone out here.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Safe and Sound in New Box City

We have arrived and all is well.
More will be told soon.
We are struggling to figure out where to put all our stuff.
I need to finish a few posts including the synopsis of the journey.
Stay tuned.