Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Indulgence

A couple of weeks ago Jill and I were trying to decide what to do with our Saturday.

As I was going through my Emails I noticed that I had received a message about motorcycle racing out at the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele.

My day was instantly planned. The thrill of motorcycles screaming around the track, me wishing I had one of my own, and figuring out how to take decent pictures sounded like a great Saturday indeed.

Jill was not as easily convinced. But with the notion of a picnic, a good book in hand, the IPod, and the cheap admission price, she was up for an adventure.

Admission was only 5 bucks since this was a pretty small event. We had access to pretty much the entire facility. Unfortunately we arrived at the beginning of the lunch time break.

We wandered around until I finally found a schedule and determined that today was mostly practices and tomorrow were the actually races.

Oh well, it was still fun... and I think Jill actually enjoyed it a little bit too.

Thanks Jill for indulging me with a few hours of watching high powered machines circle the track and shooting a whole lot of bad pictures.

Hopefully I have learned a few things about shooting fast moving objects from a long distance in the bright afternoon sun.

Someday I will figure out how to take decent pictures.

The Kart racing pictures turned out a lot better than the motorcycles.

Jill's indulgence of the day was purchasing a new Modbe swimming suit.

Here are the rest of the Motorcycle Pictures and the Kart Pictures.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jill+ Substitute Teaching = Craziness

So, I guess I should start by saying that the job front continues onward. I am still making phone calls, searching for jobs online, applying for jobs and interviewing for jobs. I continue to be depressed that I have not found a positive match and am attempting to accept the low pay salaries they are offering. I can only wish for something better for so much longer.

While I continue that madness I am filling my days substitute teaching in the Jordan School district. Lets start with sharing some positives and negatives to this situation.

1. Great schedule, typically I am there at 7:30 and leave before 3:00. Which includes a 1/2
hour lunch.
2. Not too much responsibility, just need to supervise and prevent any major chaos.
3. I am able to get out of the house and earn a little bit of income.
4. I can choose daily if I want/ can work or not.
5. The kids can be enjoyable and the school environment can be fun. Brings back memories.

1. Substitute- yeah we all know the feelings that word brings. The kids havent changed. I do have to brag and state that several classes have stated " you are the best substitute ever". Why does that make me feel like I am doing something wrong?
2. There is always a sense of surprise as to where am I working and which class will I have.
3. You cant have much power or influence when the kids know they may never see you again.
4. I often have that new kid feeling as I enter a school i have never been in before. It isnt so much fun asking the students where my classroom is. These school can be pretty complex.

So, its pretty even and I have to say there haven't been too many bad days, but to highlight a few special moments;

Shouting "what the hell" to a few male students who decided to start a fire with newspaper in the back of art class.
Allowing a student to use the restroom and not realizing until the end of class when another student informed me that first student never came back.
Asking the students "are you so incompetent you cant sit still and read a book?"
and my favorite day so far.....
I subbed for a middle school PE class where the following all happened in one day. Two broken ceiling lights, twisted ankle, smashed fingers, bloody nose, and a fight between two boys resulting in them going to the principles office.

Does that reflect negatively on me? LOL.

So, not too many negatives and a beneficial alternative in the interim. I have to give a shout out to my sister Robyn for giving me the suggestion. Thanks Robyn.

Anyone have any other job suggestions?

Monday, April 14, 2008

US Electoral Process

If you are like me, I would rather be tormented by biting flies than discuss politics.

Unfortunately, I also feel some sort of duty to try to be informed and participate.

Here is some funny election insight that you may find useful.

It explains the process of how our President is elected and has nothing to do with candidates.

And then a large majority of our fellow citizens try to blame all of our Nation's issues on the person who navigated this gauntlet!