Monday, April 24, 2006

Duck Beach - 'I'm Too Excited to Sleep'

Have you seen that commercial for Disney World with the little kids that can't sleep? That's how I'm feeling about next month's adventure to Duck Beach with Maya and friends.

Yes, it is still a month away! I'm not sure I can make it...

Here are few signs that you may be excited for the beach:
  • You put a Count Down Counter on your blog over a month ago
  • You purchased a new beach towel or bathing suit
  • You went (or have scheduled to go) to the tanning salon to reduce the glare
  • You have asked your friends (both male and female) if they want to come along because we still have a few open spots
  • You're working-out and being a lot more active (or at least you think about working-out a lot more than you did a few weeks ago)
  • You're debating about throwing in some coconut scented sun tanning oil along with your SPF 45
  • You tried on new really expensive sunglasses at the mall because you thought you would look great in them on the beach
  • You have looked at the Dream Weaver website at least once this week
  • You have asked your friends again if they have decided yet
  • You have your itinerary and travel route already planned
  • You have already purchased snack items for the drive
  • You have gathered together all the movies you are planning to take - both for the drive and the beach house
  • You have confirmed that the glow-in-the-dark Frisbee is water-proof
  • You purchased new books just for this trip
  • You have plotted the quickest route from the house (E080) to the beach
  • You skipped a meal (even though you should *never* skip meals)
  • You're taking off extra time to also go camping before/after the beach
  • You have tried to check the weather forecast for Corolla, NC (27927) for Saturday May 27th through Saturday June 3rd
  • You have purchased new clothes that better accentuate your svelte figure
  • You are now pleading with your friends and telling them big fat lies like "the beach just won't be any fun if you don't come along"
  • You have viewed the live beach web cam at least once this week
  • You have made an appointment at the local counseling center (and with the bishop - for the lying not future infractions!)

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