Monday, April 24, 2006

Utah Trip ReCap

Last week's trip to Utah has come to an end. It had been 6 weeks since the last visit so my 'Maya batteries' were getting a bit low. Maya was off from school all week for Passover/Easter so we had lots of time together. Unfortunately I still had to put in some work hours so we watched a few extra movies during the day :).

A few highlights from the week: Easter dinner with the Burk clan, the family birthday dinner celebration at Famous Dave's, the Zoo, wedding announcement pictures for Curtis and Brittany, swimming with Jaden, a bit of GeoCaching, no major fits!, play time with Parker, Peyton, and Isabelle, Emily and Maya's new condo, glorious spring weather and spring snow storms, a few new clothes for Maya and myself, Ice Age 2, and the aquarium actually has fish and corals in it now! I will expand a couple of these in near future posts.

It is good to back in Virginia though. In a lot ways this feels like home. Toward the end of my Utah weeks, I always start missing my friends and activities in Virginia. Work keeps me here but its the other the stuff that I enjoy. The bike rides multiple times a week, ultimate Frisbee, the dinners and movie nights, bowling and mini-golf, camping and hiking, trail work service projects, great friends I have come to adore, and both roommates offering to pick me up from the airport last night!

But, as much as I would love to stay here, the reality is that I need to live closer to Maya.

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