Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot

I guess I should update my blog with last week's "excitement".

Sorry, no photos this time.
I actually went a whole week without taking any pictures!
And the sad thing is, I had my camera!

Final B-Day Fling-
Thursday, I was able to finally give Jill her birthday present before I left for Ft Worth. I cooked her some chicken and pasta (with bellpepper cream sauce), stuffed mushrooms and bruchetta. Nate and Sara came over and tried to help us finish the pasta but there was still plenty for left-overs. I got stomped (as usual) in other card game. I actually made an amazing 'Tortoise and the Hare' style come-back and could have potentially won on the last hand! Next time you guys are going down!

I spent the weekend in Ft Worth for work. The Computer-Aided-Dispatching servers needed to be updated. We had to schedule the down-time during the least busy time since the National Law Enforcement Control Centers are 24/7. This means we started the work at 5PM on Saturday and were projected to be done by 8AM on Sunday. Luckily everything went smoothly and we were done by 3AM!

Jill contacted one of her Texas childhood friends (Carlyna) and mentioned that I was coming into town. So Friday night Carlyna and her friend Claire picked me up at we went to dinner with about 15 other folks from the singles branch. The food was good and the company was great. A much better evening then my options at the Courtyard.

Carlyna continued to entertain me on Sunday when she had a small dinner party at her house. The pork loin was amazingly tender and her friend Jill (yes, she has two friends named Jill!) brought some yummy salad. The entertaining was stepped up a notch with an impromtu Talent Show. Carlyna and Josh sang a duet accompanied by Logan, Carlyna then sang a solo, then Matt and Josh performed two dances for us! A South African Boot dance and a River dance. It was a bit surreal but they were quite talanted. We played a quick card game of 'Oh Hell' with a very complicated scoring system. We all let Carlyna win since it is her house and she just fed us dinner. Since I was the out-of-town guest, I went the extra mile and made sure that I did not have a positive score value for the entire game!

Food Confessions-
Well what ever resemblence of 'eating better' I may have had before the trip was completely demolished. Out-of-town eating has never been particulary note-worthy (in terms of sticking to an eating routine), but this trip I was particularly weak. Sonic, Whataburger, Fuddruckers, Taco Bueno, Cheddars, Subway, chocolate milkshake , Oreo malt, cookies cream ice cream. BLAH!

Hiding Indoors-
I actually spent a large amount of time this weekend in my hotel room, in bed, hiding from the heat. I was also trying to get some sleep stored up before the all-nighter, then slept-in on Sunday. The temperature was in the low 100s the whole time I was there so the air conditioning was greatly appreciated. At least it was a 'dry heat' so I was not sweating to death.

Chillyn with Jillyn was a nice way to be welcomed home. The upgrade to First Class was nice too! We made banana pancakes and bacon for dinner then worked on her computer and vegged until I drove home (just over an hour when there is no traffic!) Tara kept me company during the drive as she updated me on her life's adventures.

Well I guess that's it.
I won't apologize again for the lame post.
Just know that from now on, it is implied.

dancing screaming
itching squealing
fevered feeling
hot hot hot!!!

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