Thursday, June 15, 2006

One more Candle

Well, I would have to say that my birthday week was a grand success.

After 36 years of trying to figure what to do with the better half of our species, I think that this week was a testament that I *may* have game. My skills are pretty weak but the coach kept me in. I guess the best way to learn is to play, right?! So here is how my birthday week 'played' out. Dinners were purchased, flitration was enjoyed and kisses were exchanged.

Monday I returned 'home' from Utah on the red-eye. I hate the red-eye. I have a really hard time trying to sleep on the plane. The flights were delayed due to weather so I was over an hour late getting to Jill's house for a very nice welcome home breakfast and an early birthday present. Of course there was a wreck on 95 so the rush-hour traffic started just south of Baltimore. I struggled through work, took a nap and went to bed early.

Tuesday - Happy Birthday to Me! Several friends sent me E-cards today. Thanks! Some were very funny. Tara and I met at the Gold's Gym in Ashburn and signed up for a membership that includes 4 gyms in the area. Then we promptly left for dinner where Tara treated me to a tasty steak dinner. Mmmm! Thanks Tara. When I got home there was a Sugar Cookie bouquet waiting for me. Mmmmm! Thanks Jill.

Wednesday I was treated to my second birthday dinner of the week at The Melting Pot in Towson. It was the first time I have been there and it was amazing. Thanks Jill. All the food was incredible and we left very full and satisfied. Jill thought I was flirting too much with the cute waitress. I guess I had my game face on!

Thursday was a surprise birthday party for fellow Gemini Martha at Chuck E. Cheese. Dave B. and Ben H. kidnapped Martha and brought her to the Cheese with a pillow case over her head. She said she was pretty freaked out until she heard Dave's voice (he wasn't supposed to talk because his voice is too unique). I made Martha blush a lot by giving her a birthday kiss! I had some salad, fried mozzerella sticks, and got my butt kicked by Tara on a few games. Then Tara and I headed next door to the Clocktower Gold's Gym for a good workout.

Friday my goofy side came out on the Goofy Golf course. Tara organized this little birthday celebration but was unable to make it due to having dental surgery earlier in the day. The rest of us (Scott, Erin, Steph, B, Rae, Lara, Jill, and Anne) enjoyed some cake and ice cream then enjoyed some goofy times. The scared and crying children leaving the course were a bit unsettling but we split into our two gangs and formed an alliance against the perils of the jungle. The speed golf holes were particulary goofy. We lost a couple of golf balls in the rough, hit eachother with golf balls, assisted on a hole-in-one (nice job Steph), were sprayed by poisonous frogs and completely soaked by a spitting crocodile. I think two people actually got legitimate hole-in-ones (Jill and Lara I think - Nice!). Thanks Tara, Anne and Steph for throwing this together! You guys Rock!
Anne, Jill and I headed over to Tara's place after to share the stories and ice cream. Tara is even funnier hopped up on pain killers. Fun times.

Saturday found Jill and I in Annapolis enjoying an informal tour of the Naval Academy with some people from her singles ward (including Kristen and Rick who were at our Duck Beach house). It was hot at times but overall the weather was very nice and the breeze made it perfect. We had a yummy lunch then laid on the grass on the St John's campus and enjoyed the weather.
Suddenly we heard several loud cracking noises and just as I turned over and looked up, a branch whacked me right across my head! I was just kinda stunned for a few moments, not because I was hurt (the branch was extremely rotten and light) but because I couldn't believe that I just got hit with tree branch! After brushing ourselves off we headed to Jill's place where I watched the US tie Italy in the World Cup (Man that ref was AWFUL!) and Jill took a short nap. Next we went to small party of some of Jill's grad school mates then headed home.

Sunday I found myself feeling a bit sick. It had started on Saturday with a tickle in my throat and a heaviness in my chest. I resisted leaving church early then took some Nyquil and slept for most of the afternoon. I watched a couple of Hitchcock movies, took more Nyquil, talked to Maya, Emily and Jill, then went to bed early.

Thanks to everyone who made it a very enjoyable week.

I think 36 is going to be a great year.

Here are more pictures of the Mini-Golf and Annapolis.

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