Friday, July 21, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Friday night was one of those summertime evenings with friends that is an absolute must. The carefree enjoyment of a All-American pastime with awesome friends is the epitome of summer fun.

After a long uneventful work week I was really looking forward to a fun weekend. Jill was coming down on Saturday and we were going with friends to float the Potomac river on tubes. But, as I was chatting with Tara I suddenly realized that I had no plans for Friday night. Tara casually asked me fully expecting me to answer that I was headed to Baltimore or that Jill and I already had plans here. It was a sad moment of realization. Luckily, the sadness was very short lived as new plans were instantly created and Anne hooked us up with an awesome diversion.

Anne, Tara, Dan and I enjoyed the summer heat watching the Washington Nationals play the Chicago Cubs in DC. I have been to two Nationals games now (both with Dan and tickets from KPMG). This time we had 'pretty good' seats right behind the homeplate. The hotdogs were great, not because hotdogs are inherently great but because they were stadium dogs. For some reason they taste SO Much better when consumed off your lap while watch the game. It was also free hat night to help celebrate the new opening of the stadium after some remodeling. The game was a bit of rollercoaster with the lead changing a couple of times but our boys in red regained the lead in the bottom of the 8th.

We finished of the evening at Silver Diner with yummy food, ice cream and lots of goofy moments.

Thanks guys!

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