Monday, September 18, 2006

Photo Op

Photo Opptunities could be classified as moments that were incredible, unrepeatable and amazingly captured to relive the moments. Sometimes those moments really should not be revisted but that's a different issue.

Then there are opportunities that were missed forever and will only exist in our short memories. Sometimes were can retain those memories for a long time but it just is never the same as having a picture.

My fascination with photography has been increasingly stronger as the years go by. I'm not really sure why. Maybe I just enjoy capturing beautiful moments. Or myabe I enjoy people's reactions when they see the pictures. Maybe it is my way of documenting and journaling (along with this blog) my life. Or maybe I'm just realizing that I'm getting old and my memory is failing.

Most of my blog posts revolve around pictures. I would much rather show you what I did than describe my activities. Somehow (in my mind at least) my boring weekend can almost seem exciting if I am able to share a picture or two. When I don't take any pictures I struggle to think of things to post about.

Although the last two weekends were two of the best weekends in recent memory, I have no exciting list of activities and no pictures to spice it up. They were not filled with adventures in exotic locations but were spent with someone with I seem to be getting increasingly fond of. Those moments just don't lend themselves to the camera the same way as the adventures. So you will just have to take my word for it, they were great weekends.

But if you really want the laundry list for the last two weekends here it is: Multiple dinners and games with friends in Baltimore, sealings and endowment sessions, shopping (window and actual), church meetings, dinner at the Erickson's for Nina's birthday, CES fireside, naps, studying, laundry, car repairs and work.

Ok, now for the Photo Ops. Here is one that is both missed (for me) and captured (for Cami). It also illustrates moments that should never have been caputured (of me) or from the other side of the lens - a moment that Absolutely HAD to be captured.

Remember our recent visit to Mt Vernon where I did not have my camera? Well my sister has posted pictures on her blog if you want to see them. There were some silly moments that she managed to capture...such as me skipping with Jill's purse and giving Matt a big hug. It's fun to be goofy but sometimes but it can be quite embarrassing to see it documented. Oh well. In the spirit of being able to laugh at myself, here they are on my blog too! She also has some of our day at Great Falls National Park and our day at the National Zoo.

Thanks Cami (I think!) for having your camera!

This weekend I had another moment when I wished I had my camera. We were walking through Canton Square in Baltimore on our way to dinner with friends. The sunset was incredible. The remnants of the storm clouds were clearing out. There were amazing colors in the sky. The buildings on the square and the church in the background created a great frame.

Describing it does not do it justice.

As much as I carry my cameras around, there are plenty of missed photo opportunities.

Hopefully I will be able to capture more than I miss.

And hopefully, someday, I will be able to transition from quantity to quality.

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