Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Weekend in PA

Saturday morning, Jill and I drove up to Lancaster, PA to meet up with her family. It was a mini Kneeland reunion as two of Jill's aunts were in town. Her aunt Judy from Manti flew out to visit the family for a few days. And her other aunt Faith (and uncle Gary) from Cedar City stopped by for a couple days during their multi-month RVing adventure across the country. Their RVing friends Bob and Carol (from California) were also there. Bob and Carol have been family friends since before Jill's dad, Bruce, was born.

So anyway, we spent the day wondering the shops of Amish country. The little houses (turned into shops) in the towns of Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse were packed with tourists looking at wonderfully crafted items and gawking at the amazing quilts. There was an awful lot of the usual tourist trinket junk too. Jill and I were proud that we managed to survive all the shops without making a single purchase, even though I was looking for something cute for Maya.

Sunday, the Kneeland crew invaded the Valley Forge ward then enjoyed a great dinner that Donna cooked for all of us. There were lots of stories told and several that needed some of the facts corrected after years of being told incorrectly. We enjoyed eachothers company by playing Sequence, Sets and Runs, Ping Pong, and Connect Four. Cowboy cookies M&Ms, Candy Corns and Reeses Pieces kept the sugar levels elevated. Pictures were taken, hugs and kisses were exchanged and the weekend came to end as everyone went their separate ways.

And of course, there are a few more pictures.

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