Saturday, September 29, 2007

September Utah Trip

Another trip to visit Maya has come and past.

It started off with a pilot who did not make it to Baltimore so they had to rebook my flights.

I ended up having to go through San Francisco and back to Salt Lake City.

The leaves are starting to change on the mountains which is always nice to see.

I like autumn. I'll some more pictures in another post.

Here is the short list of some of the things we did during the visit.

The family gathering with scones and Navajo tacos.

We spent an evening at the zoo with Isabelle, Gracie, (and Mindy), Parker, Payton, (and Jeff).

Somehow Jeff made it from Tooele to home, picked up the the boys, and drove to the zoo in about an hour and 15 minutes!

Here are the rest of the Hogle Zoo pictures.

Played at the park. Here are more playground pictures.

Went to the Clark's Cabin. Chris and Mindy invited us to spend the evening at the Clark Family cabin.

The cabin is located in the mountains near Strawberry Reservoir.

The dirt road up to the cabin made a few people very nervous. Especially my dad.

The cabin has a pretty nice setup and is just rustic enough to give that cabin feel.

Generator, propane water heater, spring water, potbelly stove and stuffed heads on the walls.

I ended up driving Sharlie's van back down the mountain when we left.

More pictures.

Even though we were only able to stay for a few hours, it just reaffirmed my desire to a family cabin some day.

Dare to dream.

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