Sunday, March 23, 2008

Benefits of Unemployment

I have been encouraged by my husband to participate in our blog. So because I love him so much I am deciding to try. I know I do love reading my friends and families blogs.

It has been an emotional transition these past six weeks with the job hunt, finding things to fill my time during the day, learning the new town, and being a part time mom to Maya. I am getting through but now worried that as soon as I am completed adjusted, my life is going to turn upside down. So i am trying to enjoy this moment in time while also reminding myself that it will soon end.

My favorite blessing so far about unemployment is the opportunity to spend time with Maya. Since being here she has had two days with no school. She would normally attend her before/after school program but because I was home we decided to spend time together. Her first day off we arranged for a play day with her younger cousin Isabelle (Izzy). It was fun to see them play together. I have always been fascinated with watching children interact. Maya's imagination continues to impress me. I don't remember ever being imaginative. I took the two girls to McDonald's for lunch where they have a great play land. We dropped Izzy off and Maya and I headed to the mall to the Build a Bear store. Maya LOVES Build a Bear. She had saved up all of her birthday money and allowance and knew exactly what she wanted to buy. She has so many bears and clothes that she had to purchase the dresser to keep all their shoes, clothes and accessories. She did a great job of adding how much each item was and calculating if she had enough money. The only thing we need to work on is remembering the tax. I attempted to teach her about tax but she wouldn't have it and I decided I didn't want to expose her to too much of life's realities. After that Maya introduced me to the milkshakes at Arctic Circle. Yum. Thanks Maya. It was a wonderful day.

Our second day was this past Friday. The day started great because we lounged around in our pajamas and watched cartoons. Our plan was to go shopping for church dresses and out to lunch. The day got even better when Corey decided to work from home because he wasn't feeling well and Grandma Burk decided to take a vacation day and join us. Corey and Grandma joined us for lunch at Training Table. Fabulous burgers and cheese fries and then Grandma, Maya and I headed to Kohls for shopping. Maya found some beautiful spring dresses along with a pink Easter hat and white dress shoes. Her shoes have little heals which make her look very grown up. We need to find a way to stop that. We came home and she had to have a modeling show for dad. The weather was gorgeous and we found our next door neighbor Holly playing with her daughter Ava on the swing set. We had to join them and had a great time. It was a wonderful day.

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