Friday, June 05, 2009

Shelley and Katie Visit Noah

Aunt Shelley and Aunt Katie came into town in the middle of March for a long weekend to play with Noah. I like to believe they wanted to see me as well but I know that really it was for Noah. We had a FANTASTIC weekend. Almost two months have past and I still can't believe they made the effort to come visit. Such good friends I have.

The weeks excitement started early as Shelley overslept. She woke up to a text message from Katie saying "where are you". They planned for Shelley to drive them to the airport. So Shelley curses a little, washes her face, lets the dog pee and off she goes. She was looking mighty fine upon arrival to Salt Lake. I am so glad they made it safe and sound with no other problems.

We spent the first day chatting and chatting and chatting. We also opened gifts, and gifts and gifts. They went way overboard on the gift giving but we love them all. We also had the exciting task of going grocery shopping since I hadn't had time beforehand.

The next morning we decided to go for a walk along the Jordan River. It was a beautiful morning and nice to be outside. That afternoon I took them to Gardner Village which is a really cute shopping area. We had lunch (lots of yummy fried appetizers my favorite being avocado), shopping, and then pedicures. Our feet looked beautiful. I think the spa was a little nervous when I came in with a 2 month old but Noah being the perfect baby was quiet and adorable. They couldn't be mad at us.

That night Corey babysat (father'd) while we went to the movies to see "Bride Wars". I recommend it, it was funny. The next day we drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon and saw the weather change from comfortable at our house to windy and cold in the mountain. We watched the skiers going down the mountain and visited the souvenir shop. Katie needed to get a snowbird t-shirt because she thought the logo was pretty. She has now been to that resort twice, skied not at all and bought the shirt. Fun Katie.

That night we had game night with Emily Brannelly, Shelley and my high school friend. We had fun eating dinner and playing doodle dice. I think Maya won, she always wins at that game. Emily did not. She was not happy. :-)

On Sunday we drove up to Park City for shopping at the outlets, walking down main street and going to lunch. We found some fantastic deals at the outlets. I was worried the girls wouldn't be able to fit all their treasures in their suitcases but they did good. Probably a blessing as there was no more room for Noah. They kept threatening to pack him in and take him home.

I really enjoyed annoying Katie with not putting my new purchases away. She hated that they were still in the bags sitting next to the front door for a whole 12 hours. Silly girl. That night we attempted to watch a movie but fell asleep about 15 minutes into it. Monday morning they were up, packed and headed out the door by 8 am. So sad.

If I had to describe the trip in just a few words it would be:
  • Refreshing - i cant tell you how good it felt to be with my friends. I have missed them soooooo much and I just loved having them around
  • Food - well is that any surprise? we ate and ate and ate.
  • Laughs - who would have thought a $1.00 in the grocery store toy machine could bring such joy.
  • Spoiling Noah - he loved all the attention and is loved by his aunts.
  • Gas- you would think it was us with the gas issues with all the food we ate but Noah wins that award. There were plenty of laughs associated with some fine music coming from my baby's bum. He is pretty talented. I have to share that as I write this post six weeks later his gas has decreased. Thank goodness.

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