Friday, May 26, 2006

The Final Stretch

Just one more day of work to get through before 2 weeks of vacation.

Focusing on work is not easy at this point.

The mind wanders, items are remembered and added to the packing list.

Maya is all packed and ready for the long journey, although she is having a bit of rough time. She knows it is going to be a long trip and everyone will be missed.

I pick up Maya at BWI airport at 5AM. Emily will stay and the airport and return right back to SLC!

Maya and I will pick-up Rachel in Falls Church then begin our 6+ hour drive south to the Outer Banks. Hopefully we will not hit any traffic in the Mixing Bowl.

Movies have been selected and copied to the laptop for the long drive. I just hope that does the trick on Rachel, otherwise Maya and I are going to have a Very long ride!

Music has been updated on the MP3 player for the long drive.

Maps, directions, the Duck 2006 Directory, contracts, contact lists have all been printed.

FYI, according to the Duck 2006 Directory, there will be approximately 350 young adults invading the Outer Banks of North Carolina with our loosely formed group. They will be packed into 16 houses and come from at least 11 different states (and a district).

By Wednesday afternoon, only two of us will remain in our house through Saturday. That's right, just Maya and I in a big beach house all to ourselves for 3 days!

OK, back to work...

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Blogger Stephanie said ... (Tuesday, June 06, 2006 3:19:00 PM) : 

Those are some awesome pictures of the beach! Thanks for making sure I'm not in most of them. I owe you!!


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