Saturday, June 10, 2006

Utah Race Track Grand Opening

It was the Grand Opening of the Miller Sports Park this past weekend in Tooele, Utah. And the event of the weekend was several WERA Series motorcylcle races. I got the email notification Thursday night and it took about 2 seconds to plan my Saturday especially since admission was free all weekend for the grand opening. 18 races were scheduled to be run on Saturday and a 6 hour endurance race on Sunday.

The new race track is apparently now the longest and nicest course in the US. It will host motorcycle racing (including WERA, AMA Superbikes and AMA Supermoto), car racing (including SCCA, American LeMans, Star Mazda (where famous people drive the race cars which usually results in lots of wrecks), Exotic car 'races', GrandAmerican road racing) and KART racing (really fast go-karts)

Maya and I wandered around the complex for several hours and took lots of pictures and videos. Only a couple of places were off-limits today so it was pretty cool to walk right into the pit area and see all the riders and techs working on the motorcycles. It was also cool to see how many female racers there are now.

Today's races used the Outer Course track configuration which is 3.06 miles long. The racers were completing their laps in less than two minutes which means they were AVERAGING over 90 mph!

Here are the pictures. These are all using my point and shoot Nikon since I did not take my SLR (I was packing light.)

Here are the pictures that Maya took.

Here are a couple of videos from today (I think I got the right titles on the clips):
600 Supersport going through the Wind Up and Release turns
600 Supersport going through the Release turn
600 Supersport on the Straight Away
750 Supertock Start
Superstock going through the Wind Up and Release turns
Superstock going through the Wind Up and Release turns (2)

RedBull Freestyle 1
RedBull Freestyle 2
RedBull Freestyle 3
RedBull Freestyle 4
RedBull Freestyle 5
RedBull Freestyle 6
RedBull Freestyle 7
RedBull Freestyle 8
RedBull Freestyle 9

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