Friday, June 09, 2006

Remaining Vacation Days in Virginia and Utah

Sunday was spent mostly recouping from the week at the beach. Maya and I relaxed, watched a couple of movies, did some wash, Tara came to visit and I started to upload the more than 650 pictures from the beach.

Monday we went to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and Maya took lots of pictures of pigeons. We met up with Jill in Fells Point. We had some yummy ice cream then walked over to Little Italy for some great Italian food. We ended the evening by drawing pictures with sidewalk chalk, Jill kicking my butt at Speed multiple times and watching Shrek.

Here are some more pictures from Baltimore.

Tuesday Maya and I had lunch with Tara then went to the National Zoo for a quick visit. We did the shortened version because we were both getting pretty tired. Maya had fun riding the Metro and insisted on riding standing up like other people.

More zoo pictures.

Wednesday we packed then fought the traffic as we headed to BWI. Our flight was delayed in Denver a little bit so the long day was just a bit longer. Maya did really well on the plane. Having movies for her to watch on the laptop really makes the time fly for her and pleasant for me . The descent was pretty rough coming into Denver with a couple really good sudden altitude changes. Maya let out a couple of loud shouts and said that it tickled her tummy. She was really enjoying the part that many people despise. Kids are great.

Maya insisted on sleeping at home with mommy so we dropped her off at their condo then headed to the folks place where I crashed pretty quickly.

Thursday – Decompression Day. Emily dropped off Maya around 8AM on her way to work. Today I am finally getting a chance to relax and write these blog entries. Although Blogger is not working today so I am not able to post any of these. They will end up being posted back to back – oh well.

It was Isabelle's birthday party tonight (the big 3). We also got to see baby Jake (Sharlie and Jason's newest). Matt actually held Jake too. This was his FIRST baby holding experience. Way to go Matt! Here are some pictures.

Friday – Decompression Day #2. I was never able to post any of the entries yesterday. Luckily today Blogger was much better behaved I was able to finally make all the updates.

Hopefully they are interesting to someone.

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