Monday, May 08, 2006

Cami and Matt visit Richmond

After the full day at King's Dominion, Tara, Jeremy and I headed to Jeremy's place in Chesterfield (South of Richmond). They were kind enough to let me tag along so that I could meet up with my sister Cami and her husband Matt who are visiting Richmond for a few days.

They are on a scouting mission to find a place to live, visit VCU, and get more information on teaching positions. Matt starts dental school at Virginia Commonwealth University this fall and Cami is looking for a teaching job in the area. They are planning to make the big move across the country from Utah later this summer.

As I was enjoy my festive day at King's Dominion, Matt and Cami spent the whole day flying across the country to Richmond, VA (three flights). They are staying in some 'amazing' accommodations - you gotta love the cheap package deals! They're cheap for good reasons.

On Sunday morning we lazily got ourselves together, grabbed some yummy breakfast and met up with Cami and Matt. Jeremy was gracious enough to be the tour guide for the day as we went to several apartment complexes, the VCU campus and don't forget the all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta and salad buffet at Ci Ci's Pizza!

THANKS Jeremy!
(Hey Tara, this one's a keeper!)

After dropping off Matt and Cami, (and watching them be denied access back into their room! Stupid access cards!) we headed back to Jeremy's for some XBox360 action and watched a movie with his friends. After the movie, Tara and I headed back north in the rain and an end came to another great weekend.

I am continually amazed by the great people that have impacted my life. Friends and family make the day to day grind so much more tolerable and weekends incredibly fun and rewarding. It will be nice to have some more family here in the east relatively close by.

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