Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ocean Therapy

In order to maintain the illusion of being 'that kind of guy', because I enjoy trying to be a good friend, and because I was in desparate need a fix myself, Saturday was dedicated to the rebuilding of souls through Ocean Therapy.

You see, Tara happens to fancy a fellow that is out town this weekend. This means it will be two weeks before they get to see eachother. She threatened to hide indoors and sleep away the whole weekend. (Now *she* is the one that is going to kill *me* :) I guess we're even.)

Distractions were in order and I had plenty of my own reasons for needing to get out of the city.

Tara made the 'mistake' of mentioning the beach on Friday. We have both been Jonesing for the beach pretty badly and since Duck is still a month away we quickly couldn't resist the alluring power of the ocean.

Warm sunshine, cool sand, the rhythm of the crashing waves, the salty breeze, funnel cakes, outlet shopping and I'll drive! - Resistance was Futile!

We set up our beach chair and blanket and began to take in Rehobeth Beach, DE. The beach was ours - almost exclusively! A football game to our left, a teen in a shorty wetsuit trying to body surf, and an older couple in beach chairs to our right completely covered up from head to foot.

The sunshine was wonderful, although it was only in the high 50's, the sand was cold, the waves were large, the breeze was more of a gale infused with sand, and the funnel cakes were greasy.

But alas, the ocean still was able to work its amazing therapy on us. Balance was restored in our respective universes. We both scored some new threads at the outlet stores which I desperately needed.

Tara was an amazing trooper at Coach. She fought gallantly against no less than 4 beautifully crafted and temptingly priced purses. I was not sure who would win, the incredible deals on these amazing handbags or her inner restraint needed to resist spending her predestined funds. The inner battle must have been horrific as each model was test driven and lovingly fondled time and time again.

The overheard conversations of other shoppers was no help: "I am NOT leaving this store without a new purse!"

After what must have felt like hours on her gruelling mental battlefield, amazingly, she boldly left the store empty handed. But I remember hearing something to the affect of "I am never coming to the beach again without money!" and "Next time I'm starting here!" (Uh oh, I think death threats are in my near future!)

All in all, the ocean worked its healing magic on us.

Great day spent with a great friend.

Thank you Atlantic Ocean.

Thank you Tara.

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Blogger Tara said ... (Sunday, April 30, 2006 8:41:00 AM) : 

thank YOU:) especially for exposing my inner turmoil in regards to boys and purses!;)


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