Monday, July 24, 2006

Whatever Floats Your Boat!

Saturday marked an anniversary of sorts for me.

It was at last year's tubing trip that I met a great group of people. Many of which have become great friends throughout this last year. Tara, Lara, Stephanie, Rae, Gwen, Karl, and Georgina were among the fellow floaters last year. There was also a wedding of two people who met on the river and sadly, two float friends past away during this past year.

Tara once again organized the float trip down the Potomac river near Harpers Ferry. It turned out to be an absolutely perfect day to casually float the river on tubes.

Unfortunately we watched the airlift of a girl who had been injured. The process was very interesting, but more interesting was the sideline commentaries from Erin and Joy and their professional assessment of the emergency personnel. Apparently their execution was significantly less than stellar!

Thanks Tara for all the pictues on the water. I am jealous of your new waterproof camera bag. But I probably won't be jealous for very long!

Check out her post and pics.

Jill and I rushed home, showered and went to an Elders Quorum activity that I was partially responsible for. We played some baseball with a soft bat and balls (Nerf style). We had expected about 30 people but only 5 couples (and their kids) showed up. We had a lot fun but we sweated a lot since the wonderful cloud cover we had on the river was gone. We ate hot dogs, chips, lemonade and cookies while we enjoyed the company.

The evening ended with Jill and I returning to Tara's place where we consumed some yummy brownies and ice cream. We tried to watch "The New World" but it was just too painfully slow. After scouring the large Van Atta movie library we settled on "Sneakers" which is still a classic!

It was a very fun, long, event filled day.

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