Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fear Fest

The season's pass to King's Dominion needed to be used one more time. All week I had been watching the weather as it started to look unfavorable. We did not want to spend the day cold and wet.

Luckily the weather broke in the morning and the day turned out to be absolutely wonderful. The lines were long but not too bad. The longest wait was actually for the Scooby Doo Haunted House! Jill and I had some pretty mad shooting skillz as we vanquished all the ghosts with our rays. But Tara and Lara came from behind (literally - Tara discovered she could shoot the ghosts behind our car!) to win the contest.

The coasters were great as always and the pizza and funnel cakes were yummy (and of course over-priced).

As the night approached there was a sudden increase in the number of people in the park. The park had several special Halloween attractions such as a couple spook-alley type buildings and a maze in a tent. The lines were incredibly long for these so we picked the one that we thought would the best - The Antique Cars (renamed to something ghoulish that I don't remember).

The whole ride had been turned into a haunted drive through the woods complete with all manner of scary creatures such as chainsaw wielding zombies and irate park employees. We upset two employees (seen below) by flashing a few pictures (which apparently they did not like).

One was trying to get me to hand over my camera to him as he walked along-side the car and the other was yelling at Tara to not take any pictures. The attraction actually got much more spooky as they kept following us! Luckily they gave up before we got to the end of the ride.

Another incredibly fun day with great friends.

There are more pictures here.

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