Monday, June 11, 2007

Fun with the Nephews in Texas

While in Texas for Carlyna and Logan's wedding, we introduced the Kneeland clan to world of Geocaching.

We tried to select some easy ones close to their house that would hopefully give them a good flavor of the 'sport'.

Our first find was an old abandoned bridge. The bridge itself was not as exciting as I was hoping for but it was a great first find for the boys.

The cache was hidden on the bank of the river which was a bit steep and treacherous since it had been raining almost every day for the last week. We managed to find it and make some trades without getting too muddy.

Next we tired to find one in a bamboo forest that we had to get to by crossing a river on a large metal pipe. Unfortunately we did not find it and even more unfortunate, I manage to find some poison ivy! Grrrr!

After looking at the photos, I noticed a lot more growing all over the tree!

We continued on to a couple more finds while we tried to stay dry as the thunder showers kept threatening us. Our last one required some bushwhacking and puddle jumping.

The boys had a great time trading their toys at each of the caches.

On Monday, we all went to see Shrek the Third and had lunch in the theatre at Studio Movie Grill. The food was great and of course Shrek was funny.

That brought our vacation weekend to a close as we packed up and headed to the airport.

Here are a few more pictures.

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