Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Week in Utah

I was supposed to be attending my 3 week training boot camp this month. But those plans fell apart with no resolution yet. So I ended up going to Utah for my monthly visit with Maya during the week of my birthday and Father's Day.

We had a great time, of course. Maya is spending her days at her old daycare center, Sugarbear. She is really having a good time with some of her old friends that are there too.

Maya was very excited about their field trip to The Bear Factory (a Build-a-Bear knock-off) where she was planning to add a bunny to her large collection. Apparently the bunnies did not meet her expectations. So, she got a white bear that is a twin with her friend instead.

The bear (Sara) was a key contributor to the rest of the week's activities. She led us on a hike through Ferguson Canyon (after we had to scrap our planned rock climbing). She took us to dinner at Noodles & Company with Maya's mom, Emily. She played and swung on the swings at Grandma Ziggy's place. She took me (and some of the fam) out to dinner for my birthday. She took us for walks. She helped us pick out new books at the bookstore to read. And of course, everyday she patiently waited in the car for Maya to return after day at school.

Fun times, although they go by way to quickly.

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Blogger Matt&Cami said ... (Tuesday, June 26, 2007 3:32:00 PM) : 

My goodness! Look at all those silly faces! You guys were having way too much fun with the camera.


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